We make traditional European hearth style breads with the most basic ingredients- unbleached flour from Northwest farmers, water, sea salt, and a pinch of yeast, or some sourdough starters. And we don’t use dough dividers or baguette rollers to speed up our process – we just use our clean hands to create every loaf you eat.


The classic French loaf, long and thin with a crisp crust.


A fatter style baguette that can be used for anything - toast, sandwiches, bread pudding, croutons…

Seeded Baguette

Our baguette with sesame and poppy seeds.


This is our best selling loaf. It contains our own mix of pumpkin seeds, millet, flax, and rolled oats, as well as whole wheat, rye and unbleached bread flour.

Buttermilk Golden Raisin

A light, tangy bread with additional raisin sweetness.

Simple Sourdough

Our starter was begun in 1997 using grapes from Cristom Vineyards. It is a mild sourdough, with a chewy, thick crust.
It uses no commercial yeast.

Seeded Sourdough

Our Simple Sourdough with sesame and poppy seeds.


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